Gender and Identity at OU | March 28, 2017 | Volume 2, Issue 5

Table of Contents Upcoming Events Cover Story: Gender Is a Construct, but It Can Feel Like Home Article: An Interview with Dr. Misha Klein Article: Science Speaks Poem: The First Art: Hyper-Masculine/-Feminine Article: Professor’s Perspective: Dr. Meta G. Carstarphen Article: Once Man, Now Irrelevant Art: Laverne Cox Article: Gender Identity & Gender Expression: Professor’s Perspective with Dr. Worthen Poem: Fireproof Sunflower Art: Unto the Pure Article: Interview with … [Read more…]

Earth by Scout Hossaini Anvar

Carrying the feeling that my body does not match my mind and questioning whether something is wrong with me are the struggles that I face as a queer trans* person of color. This piece is part of a concentration of mine, an experimentation with expressing versus presenting gender, the goals of my own social activism, and a global … [Read more…]

Gender-Neutral Restrooms at OU by Rachel Whitfield

If you would like a copy of this map to print, download, or share, the PDF version is available here. Rachel Whitfield is the Director of Marketing for FORUM and a student graphic designer for OU Human Resources. She is a sophomore double majoring in Writing and Marketing with a Spanish minor.

Interview with Dr. Susan Stryker

In the fall of 2015, Dr. Julia Ehrhardt, featured in last month’s issue of FORUM, moderated an Honors College reading group which came to be known affectionately by some of its members as “Gay Book Club.” It began with Redefining Realness, a memoir by Janet Mock, who told the story of her growing up, coming of … [Read more…]

Gender Identity & Gender Expression: Professor’s Perspective with Dr. Worthen

Students at the University of Oklahoma are increasingly diverse. They are embracing their individualism and adopting identities, names, and pronouns that most closely align with their personal experiences. This is amidst a cultural climate that is more reflexive, introspective, and supportive of gender diversity than ever before. For example, Facebook now has 71 gender options … [Read more…]

Laverne Cox by Quan Phan

I started this series because I recognized my own ignorance in [not] recognizing the accomplishments of women of colors in our society after watching Hidden Figures (2016), despite the fact that I would proudly call myself a feminist. At that point, I realized there needed to be more self-education regarding intersectionality of feminism. I picked Laverne … [Read more…]

Once Man, Now Irrelevant by Anonymous Student

When I enrolled at OU, I identified as a heterosexual man. Or rather I would have, had I ever thought about it. Gender identity had never been a concern for me, as since childhood I had been raised in a conservative society by conservative parents who expected me to be a typical male, and I … [Read more…]