Sexuality, Relationships, and Reproductive Justice | February 14, 2017 | Volume 2, Issue 4

Table of Contents Upcoming Events Cover Story: Exploring Sexuality: How do we talk about it? Article: An Interview with Dr. Julia Ehrhardt, OU Professor, Mentor, and Activist Art: Beauty in All Forms Poem: Ourselves Article: OU’s Trans Healthcare Failure Art: Binary Figments Article: Health Services on Campus Article: A Chat with Sarah Otts on Her … [Read more…]

Let’s Talk about Sex (Ed) by Amy Jenkins

Comprehensive sexuality education is a right. Many people would argue that sex ed is important, but what is comprehensive sexuality and why is it a human right? Let’s break it down. Comprehensive Reproductive justice is an intersectional framework for all things involving reproduction and sexuality.  That is why the comprehensive nature of sexuality education is … [Read more…]

Pure by Neha Raghavan

I drew Pure a few days after I publicly came out, and I was depressed and exhausted. I kept being told that queer people were sexual deviants, disturbed, sinners, evil, etc. After getting into (yet another) fight with my mom, I called my friend and ranted about everything. I stayed up all night with them, … [Read more…]

Ourselves by Lena Tenney

They mock our safe spaces Say that we’re whiny weak whippersnappers who are part of the pathetically pitiful participation trophy generation Yet They are afraid of our very existence Me taking a breath as a queer gender non-conforming woman who gives no fucks about their social norms And doesn’t want to participate nicely in their … [Read more…]

Rethinking “Reproductive Justice” Beyond Abortion by Stephanie Allred

Both are beautiful.

When most people hear the phrase “reproductive justice,” abortion is the first, and probably only, thing that comes to mind. I felt largely the same way when I started at OU; in fact, I hadn’t even ever heard the phrase specifically. Since I’ve been at OU, my understanding of reproductive justice has expanded and become … [Read more…]

Health Services on Campus by Alise Osis

I work as a physician assistant at OU Health Services- Goddard Health Center. We are on the front lines of educating patients about reproductive health and contraceptive options. Here’s what is happening with reproductive health and contraception: Our female patients are increasingly requesting long-term reversible contraceptives such as Intrauterine Devices (IUDs) or the Nexplanon (a … [Read more…]

Sexual Fluidity by Katie Murray

This piece represents the fluidity of my sexuality. In our ever-changing world, I believe that society must become aware and more accepting that there are not always easy or exact answers to questions.  Katie Murray is an OU student who aspires to be a middle school teacher. She enjoys painting, spending time with her family, discovering new art, riding her bike, and making playlists on Spotify.

Binary Figments by Nick Good

In Binary Figments, I explore aspects of performative gender theory, sexuality, historical ecofeminism, and the concept of gender and sexuality as a spectrum. I was originally inspired to create this piece when I realized that I was subconsciously doodling gender theory. Other inspirations include the works of Judith Butler and Simone de Beauvoir, the religious use of entheogens … [Read more…]

An Interview with Dr. Julia Ehrhardt: OU Professor, Mentor, and Activist

Dr. Ehrhardt is an associate professor of American Studies at the University of Oklahoma, and an affiliate faculty member of the Women’s and Gender Studies Department. Ehrhardt received her B.A. in English while minoring in Women’s Studies from Duke University, and her M.A., M. Phil., and Ph.D. in American Studies from Yale University. Her foci include women’s … [Read more…]

OU’s Trans Healthcare Failure by Neha Raghavan

As a trans woman of color, I admire the ways that OU has worked to accommodate all students. The Gender and Equality Center (which leads events such as the Queer Tour and provides resources for LGBTQ+ students), the Queer Student Association, and the LGBTQ+ Lounge all help LGBTQ+ students find their community on campus. The … [Read more…]