Beware, Be Aware by Michael Wesleyan

Walk through the halls of any dorm, lines of the Caf, paths of the South Oval: if you just pause to listen, you will hear it–abashed jokes, snarky comments, unconstrained laughter… and nestled among whispered remarks, a reveal of one insidious ugliness that permeates the college campus: hazing. Everyone knows that Greek organizations still haze … [Read more…]

National Pan-Hellenic Greek Organizations: an interview with Brianna Thomas

Do you feel like there has been noticeable change on campus since the incident with SAE? I wasn’t Greek yet whenever SAE happened, but I do know what took place and when it happened I was took for a loop. As far as change between then and now, I think there has been some change, … [Read more…]

Gender Discrimination and the Greek Letter Organization by Rachel Whitfield

The Greek Letter system has traditionally been a vital artery within the body of the American university. Greek Letter Organizations almost always identify philanthropy as a priority, and Greek alumni sometimes contribute the majority of a university’s funding. But could a system constructed entirely on discrimination really continue to thrive in a socially-just minded society? … [Read more…]