The Team

Editor-in-Chief  Emily “Eddy” Mee                            Managing Editor  Moriah Hayes


Director of Media  Olan Field                                    Director of Marketing  Rachel Whitfield


Section Editors

Kelsey Morris (Students)                                             Nayyifa Nihad (Students)


Olan Field (Alumni)                                                       Miranda Koutahi (Professors)


Meghan Brobst (Art & Visuals)


Advisory Board:

  • Dr. Brian Johnson, Director, Honors College Writing Center
  • Dr. Joy Pendley, Research Scientist, Center for Applied Social Research
  • Dr. Meg Sibbett, Women’s and Gender Studies
  • Professor Mel Odom, Professional Writing
  • Professor Mary Anna Evans, Professional Writing
  • Dr. Linda Kelly, Graduate College


Collaborators – A special thanks to all who made this possible:

  • Dr. Michele Eodice, Director, Writing Center (OU)
  • Dean Ed Kelley, Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication (OU)
  • Dr. Daniel Simon, Assistant Director & Editor-in-Chief, World Literature Today (OU)
  • Terri D. Stubbefield, Programs & Development, World Literature Today (OU)
  • Dana Branham, Editor-in-Chief, OUDaily
  • Anna Papp, President, Harvard Independent
  • Chris Almeida, Editor-in-Chief, Georgetown Voice
  • Quentin, Publisher, Williams’ Alternative
  • Emily “Eddy” Mee and Emily Sample, OU Student Government Association
  • Caleb “Cub” Olsen for logo design
  • Jacob Cullum for first poster design (portfolio here)
  • Neha Raghavan, Art Contributor, OU LGBTQ+ Program Advisory Board Member (website here)