Eurovision: Ukraine won, but Russia caught the snitch

One of the great travesties of American television is that, for all the ridiculous reality TV we consume, there is truly no flair to it. This is not an opinion I thought I would hold, but after a night of watching the Eurovision Song Contest with my European compatriots, I stand by it firmly. Kim … [Read more…]

Ecuador: Three Vignettes

In Ecuador, the most eye-opening experience I had was when we stayed in a hostel on a beach in a place called Playa Ayampe. The wifi went out, and instead of wasting a night complaining, everyone staying there gathered on the front porch to share stories and a couple of beers–despite being from a plethora of different … [Read more…]

The Best Meal I’ve Ever Had

I’ve studied abroad twice and spent time in every country I could along the way, but the best meal I’ve ever had was in the first place I ever visited. Summer 2015 found me taking my first study abroad to Arezzo, Italy. It was the first time I’d ever gone abroad, and I was nervous. … [Read more…]

“Prince of the French Dorm” by Coldplay ft. Rihanna

I cannot recall how many times I listened to “Princess of China” by Coldplay and Rihanna in my room in Clermont-Ferrand, France. I would come back to the room after a day in Norman’s sister city, sit on my bed, and start playing the song on my iPad. I would quietly sing along to the … [Read more…]

Meeting My Spanish-Speaking Me

It takes a lot of colors, loud music following you everywhere you go, and warm hugs to embrace a whole new culture. While breaking out of your comfort zone you get new lenses to see the world through and while meeting new people, you also get to know a brand new “You.” Whether it’s talking … [Read more…]

Cover Story: OU Goes Global

By this point in the summer, many OU students will have left Norman for adventures across the country and across the globe. While many are undoubtedly having amazing experiences visiting family and friends or working or interning, the staff here at OUFORUM want to highlight the stories of those students studying abroad over the summer, as … [Read more…]

Summer Submissions: OU Study Abroad

We’re looking for summer submissions to highlight adventures from OU students studying abroad this summer (or who have been previously). We are asking for one picture of you, at least one picture from your travels, and a response to one or more of three short questions: What is one eye-opening experience you’ve had? What is … [Read more…]

Student Contribution: Artist J. Nicole Hatfield

The Gourd Dancer J. Nicole Hatfield Acrylic and spray paint on canvas Contemporary American painter J. Nicole Hatfield is a Native Oklahoman who draws her inspiration from old historical photographs of her proud tribal women. By painting them she feels she not only acknowledges them as well as honors them by giving them a voice in … [Read more…]