Student Contribution: Artist J. Nicole Hatfield

The Gourd Dancer J. Nicole Hatfield Acrylic and spray paint on canvas Contemporary American painter J. Nicole Hatfield is a Native Oklahoman who draws her inspiration from old historical photographs of her proud tribal women. By painting them she feels she not only acknowledges them as well as honors them by giving them a voice in … [Read more…]

Upcoming Events

  4th Annual Native Crossroads Film Festival and Symposium: “Elements” When: April 7-9 Where: Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History The festival will feature films, documentaries, animations, and a panel on the theme of elements and their role in Indigenous life, showcasing the most innovative works in Indigenous cinema. More information available here.   … [Read more…]

Student Group: Gamma Delta Pi – An American Indian Sisterhood

Founded at OU in 2001, Gamma Delta Pi is a sorority for indigenous women. Its goals, according to GDP’s secretary and historian Lillie Keener, are “to carry on the ideals, culture, tradition, and legacy of American Indian women.” With its 120 members hailing from about 20 different tribes, the sisterhood is much smaller than the … [Read more…]

Professor Profile: Dr. Kimberly G. Wieser – Her work with Native writers and identity

Dr. Kimberly Wieser is a professor at the University of Oklahoma who teaches English and is an affiliated faculty member with Native American Studies and Environmental Studies. She also serves as the National Director of Native Writers Circle of the Americas, as well as President of the Board of Wordcraft Circle of Native Writers and … [Read more…]

Student Contribution: Wild Onions, a poem by Joleen Scott

            “Wild Onions” Mom and I are up early to hunt. Dew covered grass stick to our shoes. Tall, thin blades stand out among the rest of the green grass. One by one, wild onions find their way into the clear, plastic bowl. Our fingernails gather clots of dirt while … [Read more…]

The Editor’s Desk – Volume 1, Issue 2 (Native American Identity)

After our first issue, we asked our readers to respond to a survey about their experience with FORUM. The feedback was both useful and enjoyable. Below are some of the responses from our readers, edited for length. Thank you to everyone who participated in the survey. If you haven’t responded to our survey yet, we … [Read more…]

Native American Identity | April 5, 2016 | Volume 1, Issue 2

Click above for the PDF of the second issue of FORUM or you can find digital copies of articles below.  The Editor’s Desk We asked and you answered! What did the OU community say about FORUM? Click the pic to find out!  Native American Identity | April 5, 2016 | Volume 1, Issue 2 Table of Contents The Editor’s … [Read more…]

Student Contribution: Native Identity, Tribal Sovereignty, and STEM

The 27th of May, 1949 was a momentous day for Louis “Speedy” Wiley, my grandfather. This was a day which would eventually lead him on an entirely different life path than he had originally intended. In the span of 24 hours, he would both witness the birth of his first son, Roger, and the death … [Read more…]

Cover Story: Opening our Eyes to Native Identity at OU

I don’t know that I’m the best person to speak about the Department of Native American Studies at the University of Oklahoma and the Native American community and identity in general. I know very little about the experience and history of Native Americans, and I write this knowing that I could never speak or write … [Read more…]

Student Contribution: “Blood” Photo Series and Video

Blood Talon Claybrook Photo series and video The Dawes Act gave the US government control over tribal lands. To receive an allotment, Native people were forced to participate in a blood quantity process. Government officials determined how much Indian blood each tribal member possessed. In Blood, I forced participants to go through a similar process … [Read more…]