Colonization and Sexual Assault by Rex LeClair and Emily Mee

It can be extremely difficult to reach out to indigenous communities on the issue of sexual assault, as this traumatic occurrence is deeply rooted in colonization and has manifested in the abuse of Native women. However, several Native American organizations on and around campus have called attention to this issue and have done the necessary … [Read more…]

“Me Too” by Rachel Whitfield

A note from Editor-in-Chief Emily Mee: The recent social media “trend” #MeToo follows numerous cases of sexual assault allegations revealed in the media. Although this can be a positive method for folks to share their story, empowered by the incredible number of women and men posting in solidarity, it is also problematic for a number … [Read more…]

SGA Presidential Candidates on Campus Sexual Assault

The following responses are from three of the four Student Government Association’s presidential campaigns when asked to provide a brief summary of their plans to help prevent sexual assault on campus and advocate for victims as president. We did not receive a response from the Aubel/Hiatt campaign. From the Meraz/Mazeitis campaign: The Meraz/Mazeitis campaign is … [Read more…]

It’s On Us: An Interview with Kaylee Rains-Saucedo

Why did you decide to start the It’s On Us campaign at OU and how did you spark support for the campaign on our campus? After returning from a Big XII conference last year, I began drafting legislation to create the SGA It’s On Us Taskforce.  This had been done at several other schools for … [Read more…]

Greek Systems and Rape Culture: An Interview with Cameron Burleson

What Greek chapter are you a part of, and what was your position? Alpha Tau Omega, I was chapter president. What are your thoughts on rape culture in Greek societies? Does it mimic cultures outside of the organization, or do you believe it has a culture of its own? First of all, an important thing … [Read more…]

Manifesto by Anna Margret

Hi, I am a slut. Or that is what society has led me to believe. It has taken my identity from me, twisted it and turned it, and after a while it spat it out again. Because of my experiences. Because of my choices, And choices that were never given to me. That is where … [Read more…]

[Un]disputed by Emilee Bumgarner

[Un]disputed is a piece intended to challenge the concept of aesthetic. Using all female subjects, I created images that are both intriguing yet uncomfortable for the eye. Because the female figure is often used in media as something to be looked upon, I wanted to make something that instead used the female figure to challenge … [Read more…]

Nightlife on Campus Corner by Anonymous

I often joke that we female bartenders need to form a guild. In theory this is a fun and funny concept, an idea of a space where we could laugh about stories of idiot customers who want salt on the rim of fruit beers, and we could get matching cloaks. Unfortunately, the reality of this … [Read more…]

Everyone’s Story by Joe Phillips

Late September of this year, the Women’s Resource Center in Norman launched a program hoping to fill a gap in its supportive services for survivors of sexual assault. Before this year, the organization provided advocacy to survivors in many ways by offering immediate emotional support to the survivors through advocates, rape exams from certified Sexual … [Read more…]

Sexual Assault and Football Culture: A Perfect Storm? by Dr. Julia Ehrhardt

I try not to pay too much attention to OU football, because it doesn’t make me excited. It makes me worried and anxious. I wonder what’s going to happen on Monday whether we win or lose, and not only because I’m angry that students may shirk their homework to go to games and other football-related … [Read more…]