FORUM Call for Submissions on Power: Gender-Based Violence at OU by October 12th

Each issue of FORUM centers on a monthly theme. October’s issue will focus on perspectives, experiences, and thoughts on gender-based violence. This will include sexual violence and harassment, including stalking, catcalling, and abusive relationships, as well as administrative and police responses to these issues. Submission Deadline: October 12th, 11:50pm. Submissions should focus on: OU activism … [Read more…]

#yOUrbad Tweets: Self-Expression Online

@yourbadOU is a Twitter account started by women of color activists. Its goal is amplifying the voices of students and employees at the University of Oklahoma through social media expression. Below are screenshots from tweets affiliated with the #yOUrbad tag.

Twitter and OU’s Food Pantry Campaign by Andrew Racki

I woke up on September 8th to an OU Daily article discussing how the OU Food Pantry was beginning to run low on supplies. My father had texted me about it as well, remarking how unfortunate it was that some students were so burdened by tuition that they were being forced to choose between attending college … [Read more…]

A Letter from the Team: What Social Media Activism Means to Us

When considering the theme for this mini issue, we wanted to highlight the ways in which people process the world’s current political environment. While social media has allowed for a much-needed platform for communities and individuals to raise their voices, it has also allowed a platform for hate groups and individuals to voice their discontent … [Read more…]

Upcoming Events

When: Sep. 27 from 1 – 5pm Where: Heritage Room of the Oklahoma Memorial Union The Step In Speak Out program is sponsored by the University of Oklahoma Women’s Outreach Center. It has three intended goals. The first is to define the problem of rape on college campuses. The second is to look at ways that a bystander … [Read more…]

Call for Submissions on Social Media Activism by September 12th

Social Media Activism – September 2017 Each issue includes a monthly theme. September’s issue will focus on perspectives on political activism with respect to social media, specifically how students, professors, and alumnae of OU use this platform to voice their thoughts. Submission Deadline: September 12th, 11:50pm. Submissions should focus on: OU activism – How are professors using … [Read more…]

Water at OU | April 25, 2017 | Volume 2, Issue 6

Table of Contents Upcoming Events Cover Story: Water Article: An Interview with Christina Owen Article: Professor’s Perspective with David Sabatini Article: Sea Level Rise and the Maldives Article: Professor’s Perspective with Robert Nairn Poem: Una Coalición Como Agua Article: The Challenges of Water Article: A Collegiate Guide to Social Responsibility: An Interview with Green Week Vice Chair Trevor Thomas Article: Vanishing Regions: The Specter of … [Read more…]

Upcoming Events – Water

People’s Climate March OKC When: April 29th Where: OKC, Harkins Plaza, Bricktown On April 29th, People’s Climate Marches will take place in over 200 cities across the nation, including OKC. “We will come together in solidarity with hundreds of thousands of people to reject the proposed cuts in the EPA and other federal agencies which … [Read more…]

Una Coalición Como Agua by Taylor Sanchez

Water is before us. We are only those on the back of a serpent in the middle of the vast wonder that is the possibility to be. Oh, Tlaloc. How you bless us. How could we ever honor that which you give us— Life. I hear the echoes of “Mni Wiconi” to the rhythm of … [Read more…]